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New FRC Control System

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New FRC Control System
« on: April 18, 2008, 10:11:52 PM »
The announcement has been made official as the chamionships commenced. FIRST is moving to a new control system, the cRIO, designed by National Instruments. Here is the usfirst link:
Benefits of the new control system quoted from the info page:
Superior Performance

    * 32-bit real-time processor
    * 802.11 wireless ethernet
    * FPGA I/O control

Easy to Program

    * Programmable in C and LabVIEW
    * Wireless debugging
    * Laptop dashboard

Advanced Control

    * Intelligent robotics algorithms
    * Real-time vision processing

Rugged Design

    * 50G shock rating
    * Easier connectivity

Flexible Inputs and Outputs

    * More sensor choices
    * More I/O lines
    * Customizable I/O possible in future years
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